Video Installation Work







Video Installation Proposal

For my video installation I looked at the sun, flowers and the green of the grass and the leaves on the trees. The way the sun shined on the camera gave it a reflection which made it technicolor. Which makes the light brighter and bigger and makes everything else in the shot lighter. This shot is an extreme close up.


The first part of my video where I had a medium shot of Emily holding a daisy and then blowing the petals. I had a blue sky in the background and the green grass all in the same shot. I edited some of the shots, including this shot blurred out, but is still visible. I then played around with more of the video editing and reversed Emily throwing the daisy, it shows her catching again.


In the next scene Emily is laying down on the grass around daisies. I edited out to make a wave feature which I have included in a lot of other parts of the video. I have edited the contrast to the edit ‘Solaroid.’ Which made the colour greens purple and the whites green.


I also included the wave feature in some of my sky/sun shots.


I used the same edit in earlier scenes. ‘Solaroid’ making whites green and greens purple. This is a shot of daisies been pulled out and placed on the grass. This is a close up shot.


I have close ups of the daisies on the camera lens to show the details of the petals. Also including the reflection of the sun on the lens.


I then reversed the clip like with Emily throwing the daisy but reversing it coming back into her hand. The daisies going towards the sun.


I then used Solaroid again, I span around while holding the camera filming the grass with daisies around me.


I did the same with the sun coming through the trees and the leaves creating more reflection.


I used Solaroid again in this shot with Emily up a tree around the leaves and the sun. Making the leaves purple and everything around it apart from the sky which has stayed the same colour.


I used the blur effect and backwards video effect with Emily jumping off the tree and the video making her look like she has jumped backwards. Long shot.


I went through a tree with leaves hanging down and I walked through the leaves and the branches with my camera and videoed the sun coming through the gaps.


At the end I was walking through the leaves and edited it out making everything have black spots and darker lightning.


The main theme of my installation was flowers, grass,sun,trees and leaves. The video showing the reflection on the lens,experimenting and making everything extremely close up showing detail.

Video Experimentation Work: Lana Del Rey’s Carmen& Kenneth Angers Scorpio Rising

In film experimentation,I was searching videos on the internet at experimental videos including a video made by Lana Del Rey. Lana Del Rey has made her own music video without any professional help, only help from friends. She created the video ‘Carmen’. This is the music video below.

Using various old videos from real life events and old films. Lana Del Rey tells the story about her own life with having suffered substance abuse through her collected videos. She takes some video footage from animated movies.
This shows that these videos are homemade, and she is experimenting with merging the videos of animated and still life, showing the film has a vintage and 50’s feel to it.

Lana uses different videos taken from a camera and kept the time and what time of video it has been recorded around the video, and what the video has been saved as in the camera to give it a video experimented feel. She records a horse going through the grass that goes with the carefree spirit of the video.

Like this:
A shot of Manhattans empire statue building, Lana Del Reys home town, has also a static feel to it showing it is vintage and including colour and hue change if pinks and purples.

She includes various black and white footage of paparazzi to New York life looking from 50’s and 60’s.

Old hollywood paparazzi:
The lights and nightlife of New York all vintage footage she has taken second hand.

All through the video it has edited to make it look much older than it is and created a static feeling of old Hollywood this goes with the theme of Lana Del Rey as an artist and her personal aesthetic.
it also gives the footage a homemade feel.
Also in her music video she shows videos of flowers, and usually the one red growing flower.

All through the video she shows videos of film and cameras.




Throughout the music video, this is more of a film than a music video. To show Lanas struggles in life and her personal aesthetic. Throughout her music career she has made multiple videos that show experimentation and the lack of professional help she directs and creates and finds the footage herself. Creating her own film experiments and ideas.

The description of the music video on wikipedia : on February 27, 2012, Del Rey revealed through her Facebook page that she just finished editing the music video for “Carmen”.[11][unreliable source?] The singer premiered the music video on April 21, 2012. The video opens with Instagram-style snapshots of New York City, spliced together with scenes of old Hollywood paparazzi, a rose, and shots of Lana herself. Once the song begins, we see a dressed woman working a pole, then Lana on a city porch. The song goes on to feature black and white photo stills, animated food scenes, Lana riding the back of a motorcycle operated by the model Josh Rachlin and multiple references to drugs and troubled youth. In one scene, Lana is behind the camera interviewing Rachlin, asking him about his dream girl and giggling. The video ends with the Erik Satie’s song “Gymnopédie No.1.” and a woman dancing in a field until the word “fin” graces the screen.

Lana Del Reys inspiration was Kenneth Anger who is an artist who makes Video Installation Work. One of Kenneth’s work that Lana was influenced by was ‘Scorpio Rising.’

Scorpio Rising is a 1963 experimental short film by Kenneth Anger, starring Bruce Byron (whom Anger asserts was “half-crazy”as Scorpio. Themes central to the film include the occult, biker subculture, homosexuality, Catholicism, and Nazism; the film also explores the worship of rebel icons of the era, namely James Dean and Marlon Brando (referred to by Anger as Byron’s “heroes”).As with many of Anger’s films, the film does not contain any dialogue; it instead features a prominent soundtrack consisting of 60s pop, including songs by Ricky Nelson, The Angels, The Crystals, Bobby Vinton, Elvis Presley, and Ray Charles. This was someones review on the video;When Scorpio Rising was – we’ve forgotten, in a sense, that it was a groundbreaker, legally. Because there are only a few flashes of nudity, genitalia, whatever in the film, I mean, they’re very, very short and, if you blink, you won’t even see them. At any rate, when it was shown, at the Cinema – it was called the Cinema on Western Avenue in Hollywood – the premiere run, someone denounced it to the Hollywood vice squad and they raided the theater and took the print. And the case had to go to the California Supreme Court to be freed and then it became, like, a landmark case of redeeming social merit. That was the phrase that was used to justify that it wasn’t pornography. And, indeed, there’s nothing pornographic about it. Somebody had to break the ice and have that kind of case at that time to establish the freedom, because, before then, the police could seize anything they wanted to. What I was doing on the West Coast, Jack Smith was doing on the East Coast with Flaming Creatures. The two films happened at about the same time.”

Kenneth Anger is associated with Satanism and his other well known video called ‘Lucifer Rising’

Anger biographer Bill Landis described Lucifer Rising as one of the filmmaker’s “most popular and enjoyable films”. In a review of the video.He would further refer to it as “a religious movie… of the top order”, comparing it favourably to the “kitsch” films of that genre such as The Ten Commandments and Mohammad, Messenger of God.He added that the inclusion of the Adept as a character in the film “unlocks the psychodramatic autobiogrpahical element of Anger’s moviemaking.Filmed at several `magic’ spots, the film depicts a series of ceremonies, movements, and rituals mixed with experimental film editing.

News Programme Conventions (Updated)

News values; codes and conventions in news.

Realism-> Actuality-> Authenticity.

News Values

What you see on screen when you watch the news and how they position themselves.


Channel 4 News: More laid back and less professional. More less political talk more gossip- Pop culture mass media based news.

Channel 5 News: Is similar to channel 4 news. At the beginning of the news broadcast, she is standing up and her clothes are more casual and bright not professional attire. Even with a serious news read they are upbeat and positive. It includes less details, scrolling bulletin, no titles and locations. Cutting to the news/ getting to the point.

BBC news at nine: How they present the news.

. Anchor introduces themselves.

. BBCS News Title.

. News title of the subject/ big bold red writing.

. Every three negative stories there is one positive.

. Green screen used.

. Only one anchor usually at certain times for certain stories they use both, usually in the morning.

. Always has a glass of water and flash cards in front of them with the logo of BBC.

. Voice over narrator over footage of current news issue.

.Interviews someone but the background green screen is of e.g London would be a shot of big ben or the London eye.

. Certain genres on the bulletin.

. Name of the person interviewing- occupation- the title of their position in their occupation.

. Contact details always on bulletin.

. When live interview it always shows the interviewers location e.g. Sydney, Sydney opera house.

.BBC news everything is either red/white the BBC logo and picture are shown at all times.

Sky News: mostly blues, reds and yellows to match the sky logo. sky logos font is used in description.


Fox News: Similar to Sky News international.


Sky news is more caught in the moment. The camera is shaky, lightning isn’t amazing.

Unit 3 Review: Focus Groups (Updated)

My first focus group of 6 and asked them various questions about World War I and about Shoreham Army Camp. First off to get the group started to ask them various question about World War I to try and get my focus group, focused. I asked them; What do you know about World War One? Do you own any Memorabilia? Where any of your relatives alive in the first war? After I asked them the starter questions I asked them about War Horse. War Horse is a well known play and film, the film adaptation came out not long ago so it will be relevant. Most of the group had scene the film. I asked various questions and their thoughts on it. The onto what the war would of been like. What do you think the trenches were like? What emotions do you think were running through their heads? It got the group thinking. I then asked about Shoreham army camp and these were some notes of what they group were saying.

Focus Group 6:

Have you ever seen War Horse?

Yes: Have the group had seen the film.

What do you think of the film?


What was the most saddest part of the film?

When the horse got taken.

What was the most interesting part?

Scenes in the trenches.

What do you think of the trenches?

Dirty,cold,wet,frightening and hell on earth.

How do you think the soldiers were feeling?

Dirty, scared, fearful,the fear of the unknown, their families and most importantly their own lives.

Have you ever been to the imperial war museum?

What was interesting about it?

The nazi uniforms are awful and scary to look at.

What do you know about WW1?
Fought in France and Belgium.
Young soldiers.
Western front you knew you would never come back.

Do you own any memorabilia?
No my dad does.
Bayonet (Knife Gun) My granddad.

Were any of your relatives alive in WWI?

My granddad he was 13.

Have you ever studied History?

I enjoyed History GCSE but we did a different time period to WW1.

Have you herd of shoreham army camp?

No I haven’t.

The second focus group included 9 people, I asked them more about war horse and their thoughts on the film lots of them said different things about the film. Also spoke about the same scene, saving the horse and they said that they all cried like a baby. I asked similar questions asking what do you think was going on in their heads? What do you think they are currently experiencing.

Focus Group: 9 People.

Have you seen the film War Horse?

Yes but only have the group have not seen it.

What did you think of it?

it made me cry like a baby.

What was the best part?

When both sides stopped fighting and saved the horse.

What was the most moving emotional part of the film?

When the horse got caught in the barbed wire.

What do you think the conditions were like?

Unbearable, cold and wet in the autumn and winter and too hot and sweaty in the spring and summer.

What about the trenches?

Muddy and disgusting.
Smelly dirty and cold.
Trench Foot.

What do you think was going on in their heads?

Scared, angry, scarred and miserable.

Unit 3 Review: Questionnaire (Updated)

I made questionnaires to go with my Focus Group. I asked 20 people.

Firstly there was gender to see the different gender point of views. Most of them were males.

I asked their age to see what different age groups think of World War I. Most of them were 16-18.

I asked about if they were interested in World War 1 and their comments, I wanted to let the audience make comments on some of the questions and I was interested in their views on it.

Asking what they do as an A Level which matches with the questionnaire, including Media and History.

I also wanted to make it interactive talking about media and films asking about WWI films. Also I wanted people to add WW1 facts.

Questionnaire Results:

Males: 18
Females: 8

Did you study History GCSE?:

No: 11
Both: 6

Do you study Media GCSE/A LEVEL?

No: 14

Do you own any WW1 DVDS?

Have you seen any of these films?
War Horse: 20
All Quiet on the Western Front: 5
Lawrence of Arabia: 2
Path of Glory:2

16-18: 15
18-25: 2
25-35: 0
35 and Above: 1

Are you local?
Yes: 10
No: 7

Are you interested in WW1?
Yes: 10
No: 9

If no why? If yes why?



Have you herd of Shoreham Army Camp?

Yes: 5
No: 16

WWI Facts?
The War started and finish 1914-1918
It was 100 years ago

Do you own any war memorabilia?
Yes: 4
No: 15

If yes, what?

Model of Hitler
Missile Shells
Models and Gun

What do you currently know about WWI?

It was called the great war
They vowed to never have another war
Was supposed to end by christmas, but ended up going on for another four years.

most people were interested in WW1 but only but one more point.

Most of the answers people didn’t know about Shoreham army camp.

More people did History than Media who I asked, so some people will know more about WII.

There were a mixture of people that did and didn’t own WW1 dvds.

Some of the comments were interesting.

Script for Documentary

Clip no. Visual Audio 1 Panning establishing shot of fields Sound Bridge using the audio from the drill presentation. 2 Opening Credits, Edited Title Overlay 3 View of fields in Shoreham (Buckingham Park) with speaker walking towards the camera. Shoreham. 1914. Approximately 100 years ago… where many troops gathered and this piece of land had a /very/ different purpose. Whereas now this may look like a very ordinary modern day park in an ordinary town, this was once the place where many soldiers called home while war raged on. 4 Mid shot of speaker on site… In this short documentary we will be looking at the camp that once stood here and the ways in which it evolved and adapted to the needs of the soldiers that slept, ate, lived and trained here in their own personal journeys to contribute towards victory. 5 Photographs of the camp – early images of the tents with no huts. Photos of the propaganda toy solider toys. In 1913 this area where the camp once stood around Buckingham park was mere farmland, following the declaration of war the camp’s growth began. In 1914 where the rabid assembly of tents formed a new town for the soldiers and workmen who lived there. These tents provided shelter for the hundreds of people who stayed here. These were also what many promotional toy solider toys were based off of. While the tents themselves where not the most ideal accommodation they provided necessary shelter against the bad winter weather. Their design did allow for relocation in September 1914 when they were moved from Slonk Hill to Buckingham Park. 6 Mid shot of speaker on site, talking again about the camp’s evolution Heavy rain fell upon the camp in October 1914, making the conditions underfoot un-ideal and making life in the tents just that little bit more uncomfortable. 7 Timeline image of how the camp changed 8 Full body shot the speaker It was obvious that for things in the camp to improve serious changes needed to be made, while yes, the tents were a serious improvement on the bare floor, open sky and blanket conditions that the camp started as, with the weather as poor as it had been, something more secure and watertight was needed to make work in the camp more efficient and the mood in the camp better. 9 Animated timeline Within time the conditions of the camp changed, as production and completion of huts occurred. It was deemed a great improvement when the new accommodation huts were deemed fit for use after their swift construction over the winter months of 1914 to 1915. These huts would be the lasting structures that would last, with repairs and maintenance to the end of war… where these huts were then either broken down or converted for other uses. 10 Panorama of fields 11 Photographs of camps, tents and huts 12 Speaker talking on camp 13 Clip from interview with subtitle with interviewee’s name 14 Speaker talking about the interview with Segway 15 Interview about conditions and such 16 Animation fading with old photos 17 Panning shot across the field to speaker 18 Speaker walks off to the side, 19 Ending credits