Music Video: Letter to Parlophone

– Coldplay are signed to parlophone- Dear Mr/Mrs/Miss I want to use Coldplays song ‘Charlie Brown’ for my music video for my BTEC Level Three Media Production at Worthing College (West Sussex,Worthing) coursework, this music video will be put on my blog and to be put onto my YouTube channel. In the description I will […]

Film: Breakfast at Tiffanys

Genre: romcom (Romantic Comedy) hybrid Narrative: Single strand – One story told from start to finish,usually with a point moral the producer is trying to make. Also is a closed ending because at the end of the film theres an ending and isn’t going into a sequel. Conventions: Costume: 50/60’s fashion everyone is wearing formal […]

Crime Drama:Sherlock

Anti-Realist= isn’t based on real life events or based on real life, events that wouldn’t in real life. Suspensive Endings= e.g Sherlocks enemy comes back or someone comes back from previous episodes. Prop Character Function: Hero: Sherlock Princess: John Watson False Hero: Mary Watson (Johns Wife) Villan: Moriarty Sidekick: John Donor: Mycroft (Sherlocks Brother) Narrative: Every episode Sherlock is sholving […]


  1    GARDEN PARK The park green is bright and is covered in flowers only Lily and Alex are in the park green.     LILY It is really hot in this park today and there are so many flowers   ALEX I know its strange no one is around   Lily turns to her […]

Soap Opera: Eastenders

Narrative: The narrative of Eastenders is a multi strand narrative that means it tells two or more stories alongside each other. Also Eastenders includes open endings including a cliffhanger at the end and at the end of every episode it makes the ending theme tune at the end.  Conventions: 1. Someones going to fight/have an […]