Script for Documentary

Clip no. Visual Audio 1 Panning establishing shot of fields Sound Bridge using the audio from the drill presentation. 2 Opening Credits, Edited Title Overlay 3 View of fields in Shoreham (Buckingham Park) with speaker walking towards the camera. Shoreham. 1914. Approximately 100 years ago… where many troops gathered and this piece of land had a /very/ different purpose. Whereas now this may look like a very ordinary modern day park in an ordinary town, this was once the place where many soldiers called home while war raged on. 4 Mid shot of speaker on site… In this short documentary we will be looking at the camp that once stood here and the ways in which it evolved and adapted to the needs of the soldiers that slept, ate, lived and trained here in their own personal journeys to contribute towards victory. 5 Photographs of the camp – early images of the tents with no huts. Photos of the propaganda toy solider toys. In 1913 this area where the camp once stood around Buckingham park was mere farmland, following the declaration of war the camp’s growth began. In 1914 where the rabid assembly of tents formed a new town for the soldiers and workmen who lived there. These tents provided shelter for the hundreds of people who stayed here. These were also what many promotional toy solider toys were based off of. While the tents themselves where not the most ideal accommodation they provided necessary shelter against the bad winter weather. Their design did allow for relocation in September 1914 when they were moved from Slonk Hill to Buckingham Park. 6 Mid shot of speaker on site, talking again about the camp’s evolution Heavy rain fell upon the camp in October 1914, making the conditions underfoot un-ideal and making life in the tents just that little bit more uncomfortable. 7 Timeline image of how the camp changed 8 Full body shot the speaker It was obvious that for things in the camp to improve serious changes needed to be made, while yes, the tents were a serious improvement on the bare floor, open sky and blanket conditions that the camp started as, with the weather as poor as it had been, something more secure and watertight was needed to make work in the camp more efficient and the mood in the camp better. 9 Animated timeline Within time the conditions of the camp changed, as production and completion of huts occurred. It was deemed a great improvement when the new accommodation huts were deemed fit for use after their swift construction over the winter months of 1914 to 1915. These huts would be the lasting structures that would last, with repairs and maintenance to the end of war… where these huts were then either broken down or converted for other uses. 10 Panorama of fields 11 Photographs of camps, tents and huts 12 Speaker talking on camp 13 Clip from interview with subtitle with interviewee’s name 14 Speaker talking about the interview with Segway 15 Interview about conditions and such 16 Animation fading with old photos 17 Panning shot across the field to speaker 18 Speaker walks off to the side, 19 Ending credits


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