Unit 3 Review: Focus Groups (Updated)

My first focus group of 6 and asked them various questions about World War I and about Shoreham Army Camp. First off to get the group started to ask them various question about World War I to try and get my focus group, focused. I asked them; What do you know about World War One? Do you own any Memorabilia? Where any of your relatives alive in the first war? After I asked them the starter questions I asked them about War Horse. War Horse is a well known play and film, the film adaptation came out not long ago so it will be relevant. Most of the group had scene the film. I asked various questions and their thoughts on it. The onto what the war would of been like. What do you think the trenches were like? What emotions do you think were running through their heads? It got the group thinking. I then asked about Shoreham army camp and these were some notes of what they group were saying.

Focus Group 6:

Have you ever seen War Horse?

Yes: Have the group had seen the film.

What do you think of the film?


What was the most saddest part of the film?

When the horse got taken.

What was the most interesting part?

Scenes in the trenches.

What do you think of the trenches?

Dirty,cold,wet,frightening and hell on earth.

How do you think the soldiers were feeling?

Dirty, scared, fearful,the fear of the unknown, their families and most importantly their own lives.

Have you ever been to the imperial war museum?

What was interesting about it?

The nazi uniforms are awful and scary to look at.

What do you know about WW1?
Fought in France and Belgium.
Young soldiers.
Western front you knew you would never come back.

Do you own any memorabilia?
No my dad does.
Bayonet (Knife Gun) My granddad.

Were any of your relatives alive in WWI?

My granddad he was 13.

Have you ever studied History?

I enjoyed History GCSE but we did a different time period to WW1.

Have you herd of shoreham army camp?

No I haven’t.

The second focus group included 9 people, I asked them more about war horse and their thoughts on the film lots of them said different things about the film. Also spoke about the same scene, saving the horse and they said that they all cried like a baby. I asked similar questions asking what do you think was going on in their heads? What do you think they are currently experiencing.

Focus Group: 9 People.

Have you seen the film War Horse?

Yes but only have the group have not seen it.

What did you think of it?

it made me cry like a baby.

What was the best part?

When both sides stopped fighting and saved the horse.

What was the most moving emotional part of the film?

When the horse got caught in the barbed wire.

What do you think the conditions were like?

Unbearable, cold and wet in the autumn and winter and too hot and sweaty in the spring and summer.

What about the trenches?

Muddy and disgusting.
Smelly dirty and cold.
Trench Foot.

What do you think was going on in their heads?

Scared, angry, scarred and miserable.


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