Unit 3 Review: Questionnaire (Updated)

I made questionnaires to go with my Focus Group. I asked 20 people.

Firstly there was gender to see the different gender point of views. Most of them were males.

I asked their age to see what different age groups think of World War I. Most of them were 16-18.

I asked about if they were interested in World War 1 and their comments, I wanted to let the audience make comments on some of the questions and I was interested in their views on it.

Asking what they do as an A Level which matches with the questionnaire, including Media and History.

I also wanted to make it interactive talking about media and films asking about WWI films. Also I wanted people to add WW1 facts.

Questionnaire Results:

Males: 18
Females: 8

Did you study History GCSE?:

No: 11
Both: 6

Do you study Media GCSE/A LEVEL?

No: 14

Do you own any WW1 DVDS?

Have you seen any of these films?
War Horse: 20
All Quiet on the Western Front: 5
Lawrence of Arabia: 2
Path of Glory:2

16-18: 15
18-25: 2
25-35: 0
35 and Above: 1

Are you local?
Yes: 10
No: 7

Are you interested in WW1?
Yes: 10
No: 9

If no why? If yes why?



Have you herd of Shoreham Army Camp?

Yes: 5
No: 16

WWI Facts?
The War started and finish 1914-1918
It was 100 years ago

Do you own any war memorabilia?
Yes: 4
No: 15

If yes, what?

Model of Hitler
Missile Shells
Models and Gun

What do you currently know about WWI?

It was called the great war
They vowed to never have another war
Was supposed to end by christmas, but ended up going on for another four years.

most people were interested in WW1 but only but one more point.

Most of the answers people didn’t know about Shoreham army camp.

More people did History than Media who I asked, so some people will know more about WII.

There were a mixture of people that did and didn’t own WW1 dvds.

Some of the comments were interesting.


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