News Programme Conventions (Updated)

News values; codes and conventions in news.

Realism-> Actuality-> Authenticity.

News Values

What you see on screen when you watch the news and how they position themselves.


Channel 4 News: More laid back and less professional. More less political talk more gossip- Pop culture mass media based news.

Channel 5 News: Is similar to channel 4 news. At the beginning of the news broadcast, she is standing up and her clothes are more casual and bright not professional attire. Even with a serious news read they are upbeat and positive. It includes less details, scrolling bulletin, no titles and locations. Cutting to the news/ getting to the point.

BBC news at nine: How they present the news.

. Anchor introduces themselves.

. BBCS News Title.

. News title of the subject/ big bold red writing.

. Every three negative stories there is one positive.

. Green screen used.

. Only one anchor usually at certain times for certain stories they use both, usually in the morning.

. Always has a glass of water and flash cards in front of them with the logo of BBC.

. Voice over narrator over footage of current news issue.

.Interviews someone but the background green screen is of e.g London would be a shot of big ben or the London eye.

. Certain genres on the bulletin.

. Name of the person interviewing- occupation- the title of their position in their occupation.

. Contact details always on bulletin.

. When live interview it always shows the interviewers location e.g. Sydney, Sydney opera house.

.BBC news everything is either red/white the BBC logo and picture are shown at all times.

Sky News: mostly blues, reds and yellows to match the sky logo. sky logos font is used in description.


Fox News: Similar to Sky News international.


Sky news is more caught in the moment. The camera is shaky, lightning isn’t amazing.


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