Video Experimentation Work: Lana Del Rey’s Carmen& Kenneth Angers Scorpio Rising

In film experimentation,I was searching videos on the internet at experimental videos including a video made by Lana Del Rey. Lana Del Rey has made her own music video without any professional help, only help from friends. She created the video ‘Carmen’. This is the music video below.

Using various old videos from real life events and old films. Lana Del Rey tells the story about her own life with having suffered substance abuse through her collected videos. She takes some video footage from animated movies.
This shows that these videos are homemade, and she is experimenting with merging the videos of animated and still life, showing the film has a vintage and 50’s feel to it.

Lana uses different videos taken from a camera and kept the time and what time of video it has been recorded around the video, and what the video has been saved as in the camera to give it a video experimented feel. She records a horse going through the grass that goes with the carefree spirit of the video.

Like this:
A shot of Manhattans empire statue building, Lana Del Reys home town, has also a static feel to it showing it is vintage and including colour and hue change if pinks and purples.

She includes various black and white footage of paparazzi to New York life looking from 50’s and 60’s.

Old hollywood paparazzi:
The lights and nightlife of New York all vintage footage she has taken second hand.

All through the video it has edited to make it look much older than it is and created a static feeling of old Hollywood this goes with the theme of Lana Del Rey as an artist and her personal aesthetic.
it also gives the footage a homemade feel.
Also in her music video she shows videos of flowers, and usually the one red growing flower.

All through the video she shows videos of film and cameras.




Throughout the music video, this is more of a film than a music video. To show Lanas struggles in life and her personal aesthetic. Throughout her music career she has made multiple videos that show experimentation and the lack of professional help she directs and creates and finds the footage herself. Creating her own film experiments and ideas.

The description of the music video on wikipedia : on February 27, 2012, Del Rey revealed through her Facebook page that she just finished editing the music video for “Carmen”.[11][unreliable source?] The singer premiered the music video on April 21, 2012. The video opens with Instagram-style snapshots of New York City, spliced together with scenes of old Hollywood paparazzi, a rose, and shots of Lana herself. Once the song begins, we see a dressed woman working a pole, then Lana on a city porch. The song goes on to feature black and white photo stills, animated food scenes, Lana riding the back of a motorcycle operated by the model Josh Rachlin and multiple references to drugs and troubled youth. In one scene, Lana is behind the camera interviewing Rachlin, asking him about his dream girl and giggling. The video ends with the Erik Satie’s song “Gymnopédie No.1.” and a woman dancing in a field until the word “fin” graces the screen.

Lana Del Reys inspiration was Kenneth Anger who is an artist who makes Video Installation Work. One of Kenneth’s work that Lana was influenced by was ‘Scorpio Rising.’

Scorpio Rising is a 1963 experimental short film by Kenneth Anger, starring Bruce Byron (whom Anger asserts was “half-crazy”as Scorpio. Themes central to the film include the occult, biker subculture, homosexuality, Catholicism, and Nazism; the film also explores the worship of rebel icons of the era, namely James Dean and Marlon Brando (referred to by Anger as Byron’s “heroes”).As with many of Anger’s films, the film does not contain any dialogue; it instead features a prominent soundtrack consisting of 60s pop, including songs by Ricky Nelson, The Angels, The Crystals, Bobby Vinton, Elvis Presley, and Ray Charles. This was someones review on the video;When Scorpio Rising was – we’ve forgotten, in a sense, that it was a groundbreaker, legally. Because there are only a few flashes of nudity, genitalia, whatever in the film, I mean, they’re very, very short and, if you blink, you won’t even see them. At any rate, when it was shown, at the Cinema – it was called the Cinema on Western Avenue in Hollywood – the premiere run, someone denounced it to the Hollywood vice squad and they raided the theater and took the print. And the case had to go to the California Supreme Court to be freed and then it became, like, a landmark case of redeeming social merit. That was the phrase that was used to justify that it wasn’t pornography. And, indeed, there’s nothing pornographic about it. Somebody had to break the ice and have that kind of case at that time to establish the freedom, because, before then, the police could seize anything they wanted to. What I was doing on the West Coast, Jack Smith was doing on the East Coast with Flaming Creatures. The two films happened at about the same time.”

Kenneth Anger is associated with Satanism and his other well known video called ‘Lucifer Rising’

Anger biographer Bill Landis described Lucifer Rising as one of the filmmaker’s “most popular and enjoyable films”. In a review of the video.He would further refer to it as “a religious movie… of the top order”, comparing it favourably to the “kitsch” films of that genre such as The Ten Commandments and Mohammad, Messenger of God.He added that the inclusion of the Adept as a character in the film “unlocks the psychodramatic autobiogrpahical element of Anger’s moviemaking.Filmed at several `magic’ spots, the film depicts a series of ceremonies, movements, and rituals mixed with experimental film editing.


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