Video Installation Proposal

For my video installation I looked at the sun, flowers and the green of the grass and the leaves on the trees. The way the sun shined on the camera gave it a reflection which made it technicolor. Which makes the light brighter and bigger and makes everything else in the shot lighter. This shot is an extreme close up.


The first part of my video where I had a medium shot of Emily holding a daisy and then blowing the petals. I had a blue sky in the background and the green grass all in the same shot. I edited some of the shots, including this shot blurred out, but is still visible. I then played around with more of the video editing and reversed Emily throwing the daisy, it shows her catching again.


In the next scene Emily is laying down on the grass around daisies. I edited out to make a wave feature which I have included in a lot of other parts of the video. I have edited the contrast to the edit ‘Solaroid.’ Which made the colour greens purple and the whites green.


I also included the wave feature in some of my sky/sun shots.


I used the same edit in earlier scenes. ‘Solaroid’ making whites green and greens purple. This is a shot of daisies been pulled out and placed on the grass. This is a close up shot.


I have close ups of the daisies on the camera lens to show the details of the petals. Also including the reflection of the sun on the lens.


I then reversed the clip like with Emily throwing the daisy but reversing it coming back into her hand. The daisies going towards the sun.


I then used Solaroid again, I span around while holding the camera filming the grass with daisies around me.


I did the same with the sun coming through the trees and the leaves creating more reflection.


I used Solaroid again in this shot with Emily up a tree around the leaves and the sun. Making the leaves purple and everything around it apart from the sky which has stayed the same colour.


I used the blur effect and backwards video effect with Emily jumping off the tree and the video making her look like she has jumped backwards. Long shot.


I went through a tree with leaves hanging down and I walked through the leaves and the branches with my camera and videoed the sun coming through the gaps.


At the end I was walking through the leaves and edited it out making everything have black spots and darker lightning.


The main theme of my installation was flowers, grass,sun,trees and leaves. The video showing the reflection on the lens,experimenting and making everything extremely close up showing detail.


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