Video Installation Proposal

For my video installation I looked at the sun, flowers and the green of the grass and the leaves on the trees. The way the sun shined on the camera gave it a reflection which made it technicolor. Which makes the light brighter and bigger and makes everything else in the shot lighter. This shot […]

News Programme Conventions (Updated)

News values; codes and conventions in news. Realism-> Actuality-> Authenticity. News Values What you see on screen when you watch the news and how they position themselves. Channel 4 News: More laid back and less professional. More less political talk more gossip- Pop culture mass media based news. Channel 5 News: Is similar to channel […]

Script for Documentary

Clip no. Visual Audio 1 Panning establishing shot of fields Sound Bridge using the audio from the drill presentation. 2 Opening Credits, Edited Title Overlay 3 View of fields in Shoreham (Buckingham Park) with speaker walking towards the camera. Shoreham. 1914. Approximately 100 years ago‚Ķ where many troops gathered and this piece of land had […]